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Client Testimonials from Arizona

Testimonial HandwrittenTestimonial By Tia

“If this is your first time dealing with a property claim with your insurance company and you don’t know the process, I highly recommend that you hire a competent public adjuster to help you navigate through the claim process. This is not your typical car collision case which is straight forward for claim. Property claims are complex and large sum is involved, it’s insurance’s company’s objective to pay you less.

Our apartment had a fire, and the insurance company assigned a claim adjuster for us. He told us not to worry about the figures, it’s complex, and just let him do his job. Two weeks into the process he didn’t communicate with us and let us in the dark. I decided to hire a public adjuster to help us navigate through.

After a through reviews, we hired AJR. That was the best decision we ever made. Bruce is competent, detail oriented, read every line and clause to figure out what is covered on our insurance. Not only he caught MANY mistakes by the insurance company’s adjuster, he also follow through with the company. He fought for us relentlessly and was able to get every dollar we deserve and get coverage on. You need someone who is truly on your side and go to bat for you. Bruce and Stacy is an effective pack, I highly recommend them.”


“Wonderful company that was so knowledgeable and helpful during each step in the process. Great communication throughout the whole thing. Absolutely worth their weight in gold!.”


“After an unfortunate fire in my Mother’s home and an insurance adjuster trying to tell us that it wouldn’t be covered, we knew we would need professionals to help dealing with the claim. We called 3 different firms and found AJR to be the most responsive, professional, and personable.

After hiring AJR, Bruce and Stacy went to work on our claim. With Bruce’s extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and policies he was able to refute the insurance adjusters statements and ensure that our claim would be covered.

Throughout the process there was no doubt that AJR had our best interests in mind and that they were going to fight for our insurance benefits. Their relationships with the insurance and restoration companies, attention to details, continual communication, and persistence made the process less stressful.

Although I hope to never have to use them again, I would definitely recommend them!”


“One word. SUPERSTARS! Bruce and Stacy make insurance claims look easy! They know what they are doing, they know the industry, they know how each insurance company handles claims. They are worth double their fee for all the work they do! They are thorough from start to finish. And very aggressive in getting you paid, quickly! I cannot say anything negative about these two. They helped our family when we needed it. And they did one bang up job! Thank you for everything!”


“Lifesaver? Godsent? Luck? I’ve never heard of a public adjuster before until a family member told me to search one out. I am so glad I did! After heavy monsoon rains and winds caused water to enter our home, we contacted our insurance agent to notify them that we would be filing a claim. We were “advised” against it as “so far all monsoon claims have been denied due to homeowners not doing yearly maintenance on their roofs.” I didn’t know that was even required. So just when I was going to take the loss and absorb what we estimated would be a 15-20K job, I was told about the public adjuster service. Interested, I did my research and found a couple to interview. None of the big companies even bothered to call or email me back, guess I was too small a job for them. One that did, a few days later, wasn’t interested. AJR responded immediately, on a Sunday night, and set up an appointment for the next day. Bruce met with me and told me straight out that this would be a battle, but he was willing to take the challenge and see what he could do. Bruce immediately took over communicating with the insurance company and the adjuster. He attended every vendor meeting at the house and was there to answer questions, provide input, feedback, and support. In a word, Bruce is a Pitbull, but he’s the pit bull that’s on your side! Don’t expect any coddling, he will be very straight forward and frank with you. Most importantly, he knows the nuances of the policies and helps to maximize your claim. At the end of the journey, we ended up with a new roof, new floors, new interior paint, vents cleaned, windows washed and elated to be back in a totally renovated house! And while the work was being completed, we were housed in a similar property. I can honestly say all this would not have been possible if not for Bruce’s tenacity & knowledge of insurance policies. His guidance and assistance are unmeasurable! I cannot recommend AJR Public Adjusters enough! And a HUGE thank you to Bruce!”


“My house burned down in early October 2021. My wife had just had our 2nd little girl who was 3 weeks old and her older sister was just 16 months old. The house suffered severe damage and we lost the majority of our possessions. It was a major family upheaval. I called Bruce and Stacy the morning after the fire. Thank God they picked up. They helped me and will help you navigate a very difficult and trying time in your life. They helped with the insurance side, helping us find a place to live temporarily, and just generally putting up with our fears and anxiety as our house was rebuilt. I feel like they treated me like family and still do. In summary if something major happens to you or your home call Bruce and Stacy at AJR. They will protect and guide you. I recommend them without any reservations and wish I could give more than 5 stars.”


“Bruce and Stacy are honest, dependable, and professional. Bruce was extremely helpful, and he is truly interested in helping his client, not just the collection of money. Bruce has your best interests in mind and provides the best advice possible. Bruce knows exactly what the insurance company is up to. He stated step by step, in advance, of the insurance company devious plot which unfolded exactly accordingly. Bruce is very knowledgeable and experienced. Bruce tells it as it is and is aggressive and I felt I had a bulldog in my corner. It was such a relief to find such an extremely honest, reliable, trustworthy, hardworking, selfless, and ethical public adjuster, who I became dependent on. I highly recommend AJR Public Adjusters. I do not know what would have happened without their assistance, and dread to think about it.”


“I found AJR searching through public adjuster companies on the BBB, and I decided to call them based on the positive reviews I found. From the very first phone call my experience with Stacy and Bruce was awesome. Stacy took the time to understand all the details of my claim in that initial phone call, and the next day they both came out to observe the damage firsthand. From that moment I was able to hand all the busy work over to them and not worry about the endless emails and follow-up phone calls that had to be managed with the insurance company and the construction company completing the estimate.Bruce provided lots of updates along the way and worked hard to make sure every area of damage was included in the claim. If you are looking for a reliable, hardworking, always responsive public adjuster who will fight for you, this is the company!”


“AJR Public Adjusters are a life saver! We had a water leak damaging a large section of my home and unfortunately became embroiled in a battle with the insurance company to cover the damage. I had the good fortune to hear through a prominent contractor to use the services of AJR Public Adjusters. Bruce and Stacy Horowitz came to my rescue. They were honest, professional, knowledgeable and have excellent communication skills. They fight for you like you are family to them. They know the insurance business and handle the negotiations with the insurance company to advocate on your behalf. They keep you informed throughout the whole process while taking an already stressful situation and make it manageable. Bruce and Stacy have passion for their profession. I recognize and respect their talent.I come from a background where I supervise physicians in a hospital setting and manage challenging professionals in complicated situations. I can speak from authority that Bruce and Stacy are the type of people I want on my team. Thank you Bruce and Stacy Horowitz for all you did for me, I encourage anyone to use your services without hesitation.”


“Bruce and Stacey did a fantastic job for us, leading the fight with our insurance company to get full reimbursement for our roof replacement. Would highly recommend to anyone facing a similar challenge. Bruce was always right on top of communications between all parties and making sure everyone followed up promptly.”


“AJR Public Adjusters is an amazing company! After experiencing a kitchen fire that caused extensive damage to our entire home, we immediately contacted our insurance company. They were unresponsive and difficult to work with. Our insurance company wanted only to settle the claim fast and for the least amount of money as possible. We felt betrayed and needed help fighting back. Initially, we were hesitant about hiring a public insurance adjuster. But, after interviewing several companies we decided to hire Bruce and Stacy at AJR Public Adjusters to help settle our fire/property claim with the insurance company. It was the best decision we could have made! From day one, Bruce and Stacy fought for our best interest. They were persistent, detail oriented, and honest! They pushed back and wouldn’t let our insurance company screw us out of what we deserved. They got us 3x more than the amount we would have received. Bruce and Stacy took the time to explain the process in detail, immediately answered our calls/emails/text messages, provided daily updates, and included us on all correspondences with our insurance company. I can’t say enough about this company, they are truly amazing! It was wonderful to work with such an extremely honest, reliable, trustworthy, hardworking, and ethical team. I highly recommend AJR Public Adjusters!”


“We experienced water damage in our kitchen about a week before we were scheduled to leave on an extended trip. We were referred to Bruce by a friend. He responded immediately after we called him and then started the process for filing our insurance claim. After a meeting with the insurance adjuster, Bruce took over for us. He monitored the entire remediation process while we were away, and we returned to a stripped down but clean kitchen. He also handled all contacts and negotiations with our insurer and managed the process with our contractor of getting repair quotes. All we had to do was follow his instructions. Since this was the first time we have ever had a homeowner’s insurance claim, Bruce provided us with the assurance that he had control of the situation and constantly kept us informed throughout the process. In fact, Bruce continually advised us in advance of things that might happen during the settlement process just so we wouldn’t be surprised. In the end, knowing that Bruce and Stacy were working for us was a great comfort. Their experience and expertise was evident throughout and greatly appreciated. Bruce continually advised us as to what our policy covered, and I believe we received a very fair and prompt settlement with the insurance company.”


“Here is why we hired a Public Adjuster. Insurance claims are a specialized business. As the insured, you have no idea what you are entitled to or the extent of your damage that is covered. Frequently you don’t know exactly what’s in your policy, etc. Your agent might try to help, but insurance agents work for themselves, and their primary objective is to make sales, and helping with claims is secondary. Here’s the story… We had a flood in our house two days before we were leaving for a weeklong trip. We knew about Public Adjusters and we had to find one – fast. AJR had 5 Star reviews everywhere we looked and those reviews were unanimous, so good they seemed almost too good to be true! So, we called. Bruce and Stacy arrived at our home soon after our call. The loss was significant. We hired Bruce and Stacy immediately. A Public Adjuster works for you and is, quite literally, on YOUR side. Our situation was especially challenging. Bruce and Stacy took over and we could see immediately why we did the right thing by hiring them. Working with an insurance company after a loss can be incredibly stressful. Not only did we have to deal directly with the damage to our house and disruption to our life, we knew that trying to work with an insurance company adjuster is a real challenge. We knew that, ultimately, it would boil down to a negotiation between the insurance company and us. Bruce and Stacy took over. They promised to do everything related to settling our claim. They read our policy – every detail! – and they knew exactly what was covered. Of course in their 3 decades plus in the business they had read thousands of policies and they knew exactly what they were reading! Did you ever actually look at your insurance policy? Imagine trying to understand every detail on your own! Bruce and Stacy did all of the work with the insurance company adjuster. We personally never had to deal with the stress of that! They know the language, know the jargon and they knew exactly what we were entitled to. Our loss was significant enough that we were going to need a contractor and several sub contractors to do the work. As it turns out insurance companies require that contractor and sub-contractor estimates be presented in a specialized way. Bruce and Stacy worked with those people to make certain their estimates were presented the right way the first time, eliminating the time and stress of going back and forth on the paperwork several times. They didn’t miss a detail. On the other side of the table, the insurance company adjuster could see he was working with experts, which eliminated any chance of anyone missing anything. After Bruce and Stacy submitted the final paperwork to the insurance company there were minor adjustments and we had a done deal. During the negotiation, Bruce and Stacy knew exactly what the insurance company could and should do, and they made certain we got every penny we deserved. Bruce and Stacy are expert communicators. They were proactive and initiated phone calls, emails and texts and replied to mine almost immediately. Early on I developed so much confidence in what they were doing and how hard they were working on our behalf that I ultimately asked them for less communication about the details!! In the end, we settled our claim favorably. Looking back, the way Bruce and Stacy helped us through the process and represented us with our insurance company was a sight to behold. We ended up with a great settlement and didn’t suffer through any of the stress of getting it done. We could never have done it without them. Highest possible accolades and kudos!! Thank you Bruce and Stacy”


“What an AMAZING company! Dealing with an insurance loss is stressful enough, but it is more disheartening when the Insurance Company does not take care of you. Bruce is persistent and tenacious with the insurance company, but is also incredibly friendly. Bruce ensured to keep us in the loop every step of the way. He was so great at updates, that my phone had automatically assigned him as a favorite. We had several complexities to our claim, that truly should have been an easy claim. As a family with a newborn we also appreciated how much he respected our home and belongings. He wanted us to get back to our normal life as much as we did. He showered us with empathy, and understanding during this process as well. We are forever grateful for Bruce. …But it doesnt end there! Stacy is just as excellent as Bruce. Stacy was the person who first took our call (which I’m sure was frantic at the time). She also is the one that handles the financial aspect of it all. She ensured that we received the checks in such a prompt and timely manner it helped in relieving the financial burden.”


“From the very first phone call, all of my questions and needs were handled quickly and professionally. Bruce and Stacy spent time to educate me about the process and provided me with expert guidance along the way. My claim was somewhat complex due to the type of repair work needed and the location of my home (I live in a remote area). On my own, I was offered $2,000 to complete the repairs (which was honestly insulting and almost bordered on criminal) but when Bruce and Stacy stepped in, they were able to increase the final settlement amount of my claim from $2,000 to $162,000. Yes, you read that right! I am grateful to both of you and encourage whomever is reading this review to be assured that you are in good hands with Bruce and Stacy.”


“Simply put AJR Public Adjusters are the utmost professionals. They have decades of expertise and knowledge regarding property insurance claims that no lay person could ever hope to equal. Even though our water damage claim was on the small side, Bruce and Stacy made us feel as if it was the most important claim of the day. Bruce communicated with the insurance company adjustor as well as the remediation company yet kept us in the loop with text messages, phone calls, emails and in person. His responses to our questions were almost instantaneous. It might be somewhat of a cliché but Stacy and Bruce Horowitz are certainly the dynamic duo that comes to your rescue. They have the knowledge, professionalism and thoroughness necessary to take a difficult situation and turn it into just a minor road bump. I had a CEO of a billion $ plus business once tell me that there were lots of qualified people that applied for jobs, but the hard part was finding qualified applicants that were nice people. With AJR and Stacy & Bruce you are getting the qualified professionals, but most importantly these are nice people who care about their clients. A big thanks to Stacy & Bruce.”


“Before I called AJR, I had no idea what a public adjuster was. My property suffered a major fire loss and I made the mistake of trying to deal with the insurance company myself. This was a huge mistake. Not only was it a waste of my time, but I was dealing with people who are paid to settle for the least amount of money possible. Once I engaged AJR, Bruce took over everything. Within a few weeks, the whole thing was settled for tens of thousands more. Bottom line, don’t call your insurance company first, call AJR!


“We had a house fire and needed assistance with our insurance claim. We did the research and interviewed several public adjusters in AZ and in the end Bruce and Stacy at AJR Public Adjusters were the clear choice! Not only were they reliable with years of experience in the business, but when the insurance company tried to pay only a fraction of what they should have they sprang into action! They handled all the intricate details and found a multitude of top notched professionals to battle the insurance company for more than a year. Because of their hard work and dedication to making sure we got what we deserved; we were awarded a settlement that was triple what the insurance company tried to pay! If you want the best adjusters who will fight for you look no further than Bruce and Stacy at AJR Public Adjusters.


“If this rating system allowed for 10 stars, I would give AJR Public Adjusters 10 stars without any hesitation whatsoever! I had substantial water damage in my home and I was very lucky to have Bruce and Stacy help me out with the claim. They are amazing! They took care of everything in a very professional and timely manner. They paid attention to every tiny detail to ensure my claim covers all the damages to the building and my personal property. Working with insurance companies is oftentimes a nightmare and if you are a busy individual like myself, trust me, you won’t have time or energy to fight with them. I am sure the claim funds I received from insurance company would be much lower if I dealt with it by myself because first, I don’t have time and experience to ensure I get what I am entitled to and second, insurance companies are not motivated to compensate you properly. So, save yourself from stress and uncertainty and hire AJR! Trust me, you won’t regret it! You will sleep peacefully knowing that Bruce and Stacy go above and beyond to take care of your claim.


“AJR Public Adjusters are well beyond a five-star rating. Bruce and Stacy work non-stop with calls, emails etc. to get the job done. They are relentless until they get you what you deserve. Remember they work for you and not your insurance company.

I am an 80 year old single woman with multiple medical issues. I was devastated when I had a minor leak and my insurance company sent over these incompetent water mitigation team who caused multiple damage to granite countertops, appliances dinged and damaged flooring, walls , taking out cabinets that didn’t need to be taken out and breaking other cabinet parts, etc.

I tried talking to my insurance company’s adjuster to no avail and became so frustrated I was ready to scream.

Bruce and Stacy took over and calmed me down and got and are still getting things for me that I could not get from my insurance company. Even though this was a minor claim – they fought and are still fighting tooth and nail to get everything I am entitled to. They worked on this claim as if it were over a million dollar claim. They treat you like family. How lucky I was to have found them.

They are the best of the best. They don’t give up and keep on fighting til they get you everything you rightfully deserve. To have peace of mind and get what you are entitled to, hire AJR Public Adjusters, Bruce and Stacy, for your team of experts.”


“I know the word ‘expert’ is used to freely and too often but in the case of AJR Public Adjusters it is spot on. I called Bruce and Stacy shortly after I had a severe water damage issue in a home we were only days away from moving in to. Bruce and Stacy met with me immediately and after getting the details of what happened they took total and complete control of handling the insurance claim for us. They made all contacts, met with all the appropriate people and handled the claim as if it were a claim on their own home. They are extremely professional in their approach, they made every effort to communicate often and with clarity of details, and they never once dropped the ball. I would recommend Bruce and Stacy absolutely without reservation to anyone who has an insurance issue of any kind. In no way could I have gotten the same result without their incredibly hard and diligent work. “


“AJR Public Adjusters did an amazing job! The phone call to AJR was literally the most valuable call I made. During a traumatic time (house fire), they were right there by my side ready to help me every step of the way. They immediately responded and assured me everything was going to be okay. They professionally represented me to the insurance company while I was out of town on business. They were completely honest, upfront and guided me through the whole process. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who has gone through a catastrophic event.


“Stacy & Bruce are some of the most professional people I have met. They were very helpful in this tough situation we were in. Bruce understood and knew how to deal with the insurance issues that came up. He always communicated promptly every situation that arose. We knew instantly what we needed to do to make a complete recovery from our insurance company. Dealing with the insurance company can be very stressful, and Bruce helped alleviate this. We would highly recommend Bruce & Stacy, AJR to anyone who may be dealing with an insurance claim. They went above and beyond the call of duty.


“I was under so much stress after six weeks of not being able to resolve my claim on my own. AJR stepped in and solved my issues quickly. They were able to get me everything covered under my policy. Thank you AJR!!”


“Bruce and Stacy at AJR Public Adjusters couldn’t have been more helpful throughout my water damage claim. My condominium flooded due to my water heater, and there was extensive damage throughout.They are knowledgable, friendly, and are truely there to help you, not the insurance company, reach your fair settlement. They are great communicators and were able to answer any questions promptly and accurately.

If you ever file a claim with the insurance company, call AJR Public Adjusters, and they will guide you through the whole process. I am very thankful I found AJR Public Adjusters and would recommend them to anyone if they ran into the unfortunate event of a disaster claim.


“AJR is a life saver. They are refreshingly honest and committed to helping their clients get what they need and deserve through insurance claims. They are responsive, professional, and really advocate for their clients. I highly recommend this company!


“After a devastating fire in our vacation manufactured home, we were very fortunate to meet Stacy and Bruce Horowitz. They were recommended by our daughter. They handled everything for us. We never even had to speak to the insurance company. They worked in an organized and professional manner. They really took the burden off us. We got our insurance checks in a timely manner. They were wonderful to work with and we highly recommend them.”


“It was very good working with Bruce and Stacy. They will help you get your settlement. They were very helpful getting us through the process of settling our claim. I would highly recommend them.


“AJR Public Adjuster,LLC. provided fast, efficient, and effective service after another public adjuster dropped my claim. AJR championed my cause, maintained accurate pressure on the insurance company, and was able to negotiate a financial gain 45% higher than the original estimate! Hopefully, I will not experience another catastrophic event in the future; however, if I do, AJR will most definitely be my representation. A+++


“We all know how difficult it can be to deal with an insurance company, especially when your whole life has been turned upside down and you have suffered a loss. After our house flooded I was a mess. Bruce and Stacy came to our rescue and made the entire process as painless as possible. They got us a very fair settlement in record time so we could get out lives back on track. I could not have got through this without them and would highly recommend them to anyone with an insurance claim.


“I hired AJR Adjusters to help me with an Insurance claim that resulted from water damage caused by a broken plumbing fitting. Bruce and Stacy were very responsive and took complete control of the situation. They took all the burdens and stress of dealing with the insurance company off my back. They made all the calls and handled all the correspondence with the insurance company. I didn’t even have to meet the adjuster at the property! Bruce and Stacy did. They have all the same knowledge and tools as the insurance company does so when it came down to the settlement, they were able to get the insurance company to pay for and cover items that were denied in the initial adjuster’s report. They were great communicators. They kept me informed via phone, text, and email throughout the process. I’m never calling the insurance company again. When I have my next claim, I’m calling AJR first!


“If you need help in dealing with your insurance company, to make sure you are not being taken advantage of by them, call Bruce and Stacy. They saved us a ton of time and grief. We had a flood in our home, and felt that the adjuster that our insurance company assigned to us wasn’t being fair, and was taking advantage of us. Bruce and Stacy made sure we got everything we had coming to us, as well as handling all the negotiations. 100% satisfied with their work, and they are overall just good people. Thank you Bruce and Stacy!!!”


“Bruce and Stacy were able to get my claim approved in a timely manner and handled all the negotiations with the insurance adjuster, saving me both Time and Money. Their knowledge of the insurance industry was outstanding and kept me informed through the process. I would highly recommend hiring AJR Public Adjusters.


“In December of 2015, my primary residence had a plumbing issue, I retained AJR Public Adjusters LLC Located in Phoenix, AZ. Bruce and Stacy Horowitz went above and beyond my expectations. They expedited the flow of information and documentation between the insurance company and my assigned project manager. The Horowitz’s acted in a professional manner by keeping me appraised of the status of work being performed. As many may be unaware the insurance settle agreement is a lengthy process, however, because of the AJR Public Adjuster LLC I received my settlement in a timely matter and I would have no problem highly recommending them should you need assistance with insurance companies. It was a relief for my wife and myself to find comfort in the hands of true professionals. My sincere appreciation for their service. Best regards, Mr. Passantino”


“When our home was flooded, we were stressed and worried. Hiring AJR was the best choice we could have made. The insurance company did not seem that cooperative at first, but as soon as AJR (Bruce) was involved, he made things much easier and got us a great result that we wouldn’t have gotten without him. It all worked out, with much thanks to Bruce!”


“My phone started ringing off the hook on Thanksgiving. Much to my dismay, it was my Realtor friend trying to get ahold of me because my rental in Arizona was burning and was ultimately a total loss. Being almost 3,000 miles away, I was under quite a bit of stress about what to do, who to call, the logistics, just to name a few. She put me in touch with AJR Public Adjusters. Bruce and Stacy immediately took control of the situation. They went to bat for me with the initial contractor who boarded and fenced the property, put me in touch with a couple of reliable contractors for demolition bids, and kept me informed daily of the progress. They met with the insurance company, negotiated a settlement, even getting more money that the policy was going to pay. I can truly say that I would recommend AJR Public Adjusters for their professionalism and guidance. It was difficult being so far away and not knowing trustworthy contractors, and AJR steered me in the right direction and provided me a little peace of mind in an otherwise stressful situation. Bruce, Stacy I can’t say thank you enough!!”


“I had a great experience with Bruce and Stacy with AJR Public Adjusters. Bruce walked us through the whole claim process when we had water damage to our kitchen and even made time to come to our house that day (on very short notice) to assess the damage. He knows his business well. I highly recommend AJR!


“Stacy & Bruce, It was very good to meet you. I was not aware that the service you provide was available. I have personally had to deal with insurance companies and claims and it is no fun. Since my mother is older and i can not always be there to speak for her, it is great that you have taken that burden off her shoulders and mine. She appreciates that you got a better settlement than what the insurance company originally offered and that she will get a quality replacement for her water damage. Keep up the good work. Best Regards.


“Bruce & Stacy were lifesavers for us. We had a major plumbing issue where the entire sewer line had to be replaced. Initial assessment by the plumber showed only one area that needed repair. Once he broke through the tile and concrete, he snaked another camera and found the entire line was cracked. The Insurance Company said they wouldn’t pay the additional amount (which was quadruple the original cost) because it wasn’t initially identified. AJR jumped in to help and within a day, the insurance adjuster had come back out to do another assessment, and approved the additional cost as per my insurance contract. Bruce & Stacy were incredibly professional, and had the sense of urgency needed for such a major problem. As you can imagine, getting this resolved timely was critical. I would recommend AJR for any support needed in dealing with your insurance pains. Thank You !!!!”


“We had a toilet supply line break in our second floor master bath. Within 15 minutes, water poured through our kitchen ceiling and flooded our first and second floors, resulting in extensive damage. After the shock of having to immediately pack out of our house and interior demolition underway, a close friend suggested we hire a public adjuster and offered a reference to AJR. Our initial contact with Bruce and Stacy immediately brought a sense of stability, order, and peace of mind to the chaos of the situation. They were extremely professional, immediately responsive, with a deep knowledge of property insurance and adjusting. With no background in insurance or construction, we knew we were not prepared to negotiate effectively with our insurance company — and it is all about what you can negotiate. Bruce immediately oversaw all communication and paperwork with the insurance company – a huge blessing in and of itself. And he and Stacy guided us through the processes of property loss, temporary living expenses, and reconstruction. Bruce is a knowledgeable, impassioned, determined, and effective adjuster and negotiator. Always professional in demeanor, he will fight to the end to get the best settlement for his client. He ensured that we received “like and similar” housing for the three-month period that we were out of our home, enabling us to function, live, and work comfortably during this challenging time.

In addition, Bruce and Stacy work hard to cultivate a network of vetted contractors, so resources were immediately available to objectively assess damages, verify the work of the risk mitigation company, and perform reconstruction. As a result of Bruce’s negotiation with our insurance company, we received a reconstruction settlement 50% greater than what they initially offered that will add to our overall property value. Thanks to Stacy’s research and work on our personal property loss, the benefit received also exceeded our expectations. In the end, we are thrilled with the outcome and honored to sing the praises of Bruce and Stacy and their specialized expertise, guidance, and support. They truly care and are committed to achieving a positive outcome for their clients. In our opinion, in this service-based economy, the quality of services and value offered by AJR is hard to match or beat in any field. Bruce and Stacy operate at the top of their game, and we are the grateful recipients of their services when the stakes were high. Deep thanks to you, Bruce and Stacy, for all of your hard work and support on our behalf!”


“So after dealing with my insurance company not honoring my policy after a flood I hired my own private public adjuster to represent me and get what was fair for my claim. I honestly can say I wish I would’ve done this from the very beginning and would’ve saved myself a lot of time and stress because the truth is my insurance company went out of their way to do as little as possible. I hired AJR Public Adjusters and Bruce and Stacy Keitz Horowitz went beyond the call of duty in representing me. They are completely knowledgeable on the laws and policies for the state and have an amazing track record. With all the storms lately many may be in need of making a claim and if it’s personal or commercial property they are your best option for getting a rightful claim settlement from the insurance company. Trust me I wish someone would have told me about them in the beginning! I just wanted to say thank you AJR Public Adjusters.”


“Earlier this year, a car crashed into our home, doing severe damage to our garage and leaving us completely without power for weeks. Never having had an experience like this before, it became clear that our family needed somebody to be on our side. Our attorney recommended AJR Public Adjusters. That’s when we met Bruce. Bruce’s level of expertise immediately put us at ease and he was extremely responsive throughout the process, explaining everything every step of the way. This was a stressful time for our family and Bruce’s professionalism made all the difference as we were made whole. If our family ever experiences something similar in the future, Bruce will be our first call.”


“I had a water pipe burst at a local property I own that did considerable damage. I had a positive experience with a Public Adjuster located in Rhode Island and I felt I should go that route once again to protect my interests with this loss. Bruce Horowitz was helpful at every stage of the process and as a result, I was able to recover a larger amount from the insurance company to cover the loss.


“I experienced a water line break in my home, which resulted in a significant amount of damage. I proceeded to handle the claim on my own, which was extremely difficult. It was a constant battle and I eventually lost all trust and confidence with my insurance company’s adjuster. After bringing my frustrations up to a relative who is in the insurance business, he recommended that I enlist the services of an insurance adjuster to work on my behalf. I immediately began my research and AJR Public Adjusters, LLC surfaced to the top. The passion, encouragement and professionalism that was displayed was exactly what I was looking for, Mr. Horowitz accomplished what I was trying to accomplish over several months in just a few telephone conversations. I highly recommend AJR Public Adjusters, LLC to anyone who is dealing with an insurance company.


“We would highly recommend AJR Public Adjusters. Our water softener literally blew up and flooded our entire house. Our insurance agent inspected the damage and didn’t think we would even meet our deductible. Through a friend we contacted AJR and Bruce Horowitz, who immediately got involved and completely took charge of all communication with our insurance company and the contractor. He knew exactly what needed to be done and stayed on top of everything throughout the entire renovation which exceeded our deductible by thousands of dollars. Bruce kept us informed of everything that was going on at all times and was so considerate and respectful of our concerns during this time of devastation. We cannot even imagine going through this extremely stressful and difficult time without Bruce as our advocate. We highly recommend AJR/Bruce and Stacy Horowitz to anyone going through a devastating property loss.

Joseph Osborn - JSquared - Phoenix, Arizona

Bruce and Stacy are awesome to work with! Experts in this industry. If you need someone to represent you with insurance claims I highly recommend them!


“I would like to commend AJR Public Adjusters, particularly Bruce and Stacy Horowitz for turning a disaster into a manageable project. In October of 2013, my daughter and grandchildren went to our cabin in Pine, AZ for a weekend. I had told my daughter that the wood stove in the kitchen was ready to light to start the warm up process in the cabin. I was not aware that my husband had left a large “Boom Box” on the back of the stove. My daughter did not notice it and lit the fire then went into town for dinner. When she returned, the kitchen was on fire. The fire department responded and was able to put out the flames with large extinguishers, saving the kitchen from water damage. However, the entire cabin sustained smoke and soot damage, all the way to the back closet. I called my insurance company to report the damage, and then, having had 3 prior claims which were handled poorly by the insurance adjuster, I checked the internet to find a Public Adjuster to be on “my side”. I am so happy I called AJR. Bruce came up to Pine the next day, He and Stacy logged all the damage as well as every personal item, and assisted me every step of the way. We are now almost done replacing our property and they will get me the depreciation that was withheld by the insurance company. Don’t ever try to handle a loss to your property on your own. I had years of experience in the insurance industry and thought I could do it. I tried 3 times, and proved myself wrong. Believe me, the cost to hire AJR is more than covered by the additional amount they will get for you. Leave the details to them, and save yourself the aggravation!”


“Bruce represented us in our claim for repair of a flood damaged kitchen. His work was professional and effective. He knows his business and he gets results. Would use again.”


“We recently had a water leak in our kitchen, and when we contacted our insurance company to file our first ever claim, we were shocked to receive only $2000.00 to cover the replacement of our hardwood floors and entire kitchen island. Since dealing with insurance companies is not what we know how to do; we looked for help. We were fortunate in finding AJR Public Adjusting through an online search, we read their reviews, and they turned out even better than we hoped. From the beginning, Bruce and Stacy were honest, professional, and friendly. We never felt like a number. They dealt with the insurance company, so we didn’t have to, kept us up to date, and answered questions and calls promptly. Bruce is highly experienced, and we felt like he kept our best interests in mind. Someone needs to be there to help those of us that are at a loss, and AJR Public Adjusting was there for us.


“We recently had a water leak in our kitchen, and when we contacted our insurance company to file our first ever claim, we were shocked to receive only $2000.00 to cover the replacement of our hardwood floors and entire kitchen island. Since dealing with insurance companies is not what we know how to do; we looked for help. We were fortunate in finding AJR Public Adjusting through an online search, we read their reviews, and they turned out even better than we hoped. From the beginning, Bruce and Stacy were honest, professional, and friendly. We never felt like a number. They dealt with the insurance company, so we didn’t have to, kept us up to date, and answered questions and calls promptly. Bruce is highly experienced, and we felt like he kept our best interests in mind. Someone needs to be there to help those of us that are at a loss, and AJR Public Adjusting was there for us.

Paul & Shauna Sherwood, Homewoners

” Cominng Soon…”

Client Testimonials from South Carolina


“We recently engaged Bruce Horowitz and AJR Insurance Consultants, LLCon a fire which destroyed our 90 yr. old mothers’ home. Although faithfully paying her insurance bill for over 40 yrs with State Farm should have warranted a quick and fair settlement of that claim, it unfortunately did not. We hired Bruce and AJR Insurance Consultants, LLC and it was only through their efforts that we were eventually able to settle that claim. The time, energy and aggravation required was greatly reduced by Bruce’s efforts and I feel certain we could not have collected anywhere near the final result we received had it not been for Bruce’s involvement.

I can without equivocation, highly recommend Bruce and AJR. Their knowledge, expertise, determination and professionalism were what allowed us to successfully collect the maximum amount rightfully owed to my mother.”


“At the time of the fire, which resulted in a total loss of my orthodontic office, I truly was unsure as to how the insurance companies reimbursed their clients. I stood in front of the building, as it still smoldered, and wondered how the insurance company would determine the extent of my loss.

On the face of it, I knew that everything was a total loss, but a quick call to my attorney confirmed my suspicion that simply having some pictures or reports from the insurance company’s own adjuster would not result in me receiving the full benefits entitled to me as a policyholder.

I interviewed three potential independent adjusters and chose AJR based on their reputation and the knowledge both Bruce and Stacy seemed to have regarding the entire process. I was not disappointed. Within days we had an advance on our claim and in the following months an extremely detailed, dare I say exhaustive; report was compiled detailing my building/equipment loss. The claim was paid in full. Since then we have been diligently working together to assemble the Business Interruption claim. This has been, and is, also compiled with the same degree of thoroughness that the equipment claim was done in and the result is that the insurance company is paying completely and promptly on this claim as well.

Simply put, I wouldn’t have had the knowledge or the time to do any of this, to this level, either on my own or simply with an attorney. The results speak for themselves and I am a very satisfied client who would heartily recommend AJR to anyone who finds themselves facing a disaster loss.


“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the outstanding job AJR did with our fire claim.

As you know, fire damaged our 18,000 square foot corporate headquarters in 2008. After getting nowhere with our insurance carrier, we naively assumed they had our best interest at heart, we engaged AJR for the appraisal process. The appraisal process, while supposed to be similar to arbitration and therefore less costly and faster than court, was hijacked by the insurance carrier and their representatives.

AJR, thanks to your wisdom and experience, represented us in a fair and objective manner, acting just as an appraiser should. Your refusal to deviate from appraisal protocol forced the insurance carrier to abide by the rules and resolve the claim.

Thank you again for your professionalism and guidance through this process.”


“Before I start, I must sincerely thank Bruce and Stacy Horowitz of AJR Insurance Consultants for their compassion, knowledge, and professionalism in a time when my husband and I most needed it. Here’s our story…

My husband and I own the restaurant Al Di La in Charleston, SC. As business owners, we’re constantly trying to separate the issues of work from those at home. I mean, the restaurant business is brutal, and it’s difficult to not let matters of the workplace affect our home life, and more important, the well-being of our child. For our sanity, we’ve had to learn to let it go.

Oftentimes, we’ve joked and said, “as long as the place doesn’t burn down.” Well, my husband and I weren’t expecting it to happen, literally!

On a casual Sunday, when ironically, we were closed for business, my husband walked in our establishment to find a fire — a slow-burning flame that had wreaked havoc on our kitchen over the course of twelve long hours. By the grace of problem-solving and courageousness, my husband was able to extinguish the blaze. At that point, we were thankful, and thought the hard work was behind us. Boy, were we naive?! Little did we know our insurance company was going to make a bad situation even worse! Basically, we were defenseless and ill-equipped at dealing with the jargon, the false promises, and the uncertainty that overwhelmed us after each phone call with our insurance providers. The only certainty we had was in the form of large boxes delivered to our restaurant… a gas range, a freezer, a char-broiler, etc. Oh, and bills, too! I suppose we should’ve prepared for this rainy day better, but what with the state of our economy, it’s hard! Not to mention, we’re a young family.

This is where it all changes for the better though… we met Bruce and Stacy Horowitz of AJR Insurance Consultants. Our meeting was the turning point. From that day forth, we no longer took the abuse, inflammatory language, or indifference our insurance company demonstrated on a daily base. The Horowitz team armed us with the knowledge we needed to receive compensation for our incurred expenses, employee wages, and loss of income due to the circumstances of our accident.

More important, the relationship we developed with the Bruce and Stacy was personal and real. To them, we weren’t just a six-digit claim number. We were hard-working people that needed help.

In the event of another catastrophe, I would not for one minute hesitate to call AJR Insurance Consultants.”


“I didn’t know how much my life would change as the firemen were extinguishing the flames coming from my garage fire. Long after the soot and standing water were removed, two things remained; the simple loss of our possessions and the complex processes of our insurance company. Additionally, my job required me to travel a great deal and my wife had recently given birth to our newborn. In short, I needed someone that I could count on to best represent me and my family’s interests when dealing with my insurance company’s claims and reimbursement processes.

I needed someone that would take the time to walk me and my wife through these insurance processes and provide expert guidance on what seemed to be a foreign language to me. I conducted a thorough search for a public adjuster that fit this skill set. After calling and interviewing other adjusters I found that one stood out among them all – AJR Insurance Consultants. From our first meetings with Bruce and Stacy, it was clear that their firm had demonstrable experience in the field and quickly brought our claim and reimbursement to a prompt conclusion. However, it was no easy task. Bruce and Stacy did what my wife and I could not do in order for us to receive the full benefits entitled to us as policyholders. This included photographing and itemizing over 1000 items to support a detailed inventory list with necessary valuations.

As extremely satisfied and grateful clients of AJR Consultants, we wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone facing a similar situation.


“Thank you again for meeting with my husband and me to discuss the hurricane damage to our home. We greatly appreciate your caring attitude and willingness to help us with our problem. We also appreciate all the good information you shared with us about how to approach our insurance company. While we did not have the opportunity to work directly with you, we feel confident that those who avail themselves of your services are lucky to have you as their representative. Thanks again for all of your good advice and help in our time of need.”


“If you’ve suffered a loss and find yourself face-to-face with an insurance company that doesn’t seem to care call AJR Insurance Consultants. Contacting AJR after a fire completely destroyed my Charleston home was the best move I ever made.

AJR worked diligently to make sure my insurance company honored every nuance of their homeowner’s policy — something one would hope is automatic after you faithfully pay your premiums for over a decade. Yet in reality I found the insurance company to be incredibly indifferent to my loss.

Although I had paid my homeowner’s premiums faithfully and on time for more than a decade, I found my insurance provider less-than-willing to cover my damages, less-than-up front about my existing coverage’s and less-than-inclined on keeping their policy promises. When they threatened not to honor my coverage, Bruce and his team left no stone unturned reviewing my policy and comparing their arguments with South Carolina insurance regulations to prevent them from reneging on their obligation. Bruce persistently kept them on track, challenged erroneous or incorrect information and procedures to make it virtually impossible for them not to honor their stated terms of coverage.

Without AJR looking out for my best interests I would still be taking the insurance company to task for every stated line of my homeowner’s policy. I would have had no ally in the process. There were many times it was obvious that the only people concerned about the loss of my home or about making me whole again in the process was AJR Consultants.

I owe AJR Insurance Consultants my sincere thanks. My only peace of mind during the claims process was knowing that Bruce and his team would leave no stone unturned to make sure the end result was fair and equitable. I could rely on them to possess a thorough understanding of my policy and insurance obligations. For me, Bruce single-handedly kept the entire process from being an absolute nightmare by turning it into a situation that, for me, was easy to understand and above all honest. Thank you AJR.


“I was first introduced to AJR Insurance Consultants, LLC and Bruce Horowitz when the contractor I asked to look at the water damage from a pipe rupture told me he would not fix the garage for the money our insurance company of 30 years was offering to repair the damage to 2/3 of our home. After many phone calls and much frustration a lawyer suggested I speak with Bruce Horowitz. I cannot express how grateful both my husband and I are to Bruce. He responded quickly to our call, determined the response from our insurance company was completely inadequate, and went immediately to work for us. Bruce guided me through the initial phone calls to the insurance company. He always responded very quickly to my questions and fears. Once the initial communication was out of the way, Bruce took over all contact with the insurance company and insurance commission. Every contact was copied to me. Any conversations were summarized and sent to me via e-mail. I felt very confident in his ability to resolve our problems. I always felt protected. It was a very long, arduous process, but we are finally back in our home. I am sure, if not for Bruce and AJR Insurance Consultants, we would still be living in two rooms, trying to repair all the damage ourselves. We would never have negotiated the insurance company’s delays and deceptions without Bruce at our sides. During the process we had a phone conversation with Alicia Cornelius of the Insurance Commission. She was so complimentary of Bruce, his professionalism, his knowledge of insurance, and his perseverance. She said she learned so much about insurance from him. And that we were lucky to have him on our side. We agree. We cannot thank AJR enough!”


“We are writing to express our extreme gratitude and admiration. We are now settled into our newly rebuilt home after a devastating house fire. This was a great tragedy and extremely trying time for us and our family. The emotions that we experienced immediately after the fire and beyond were confusing and exhausting. After dealing immediately with the large claims adjuster from the insurance company things were looking very bleak, to put it mildly. We instinctively knew that we were not capable or qualified to deal with this huge corporation on our own as we knew virtually nothing about the insurance industry; its laws, or its subtleties. After some online research “AJR Insurance Consultants” were recommended by a national organization. We called as fast as we could and your reply was you would meet with us at the sight within 48 hrs. (We live over 100 miles away from your office.) Upon meeting you for the first time and allowing you to do your job so well, even the first day, my family and I were enveloped with a sense of security and peace. We knew that we now had someone in our corner that was looking out for our well being. Your professionalism and honesty and integrity were well received by us. I remember telling my friends and family that you were sophisticated yet tenacious at the same time, a winning combination for us. In the end, of course, everything worked out quite well for us, thank God. We know without a doubt that without “AJR” at our service we never would have received what was due us and we never would have finished completely satisfied, as we are.

Thank-you Bruce and Stacy with all our hearts, Gratefully and Respectfully yours!”


“AJR was a true lifeline for me after Hurricane Katrina. AJR was with me every step of the way throughout the grueling insurance process. There is not a doubt in my mind that I could not have handled this crisis without the knowledge and persistence of AJR.


“Thank you for your hard work and for so well managing this case for us.


I had no trouble writing this check for your services. Ruthe and I both feel that we really got our money’s worth and more in contracting you and your wife. There is no doubt in our minds that if we had not had you two on our side we would have most likely gotten a lot less than what we did get and I would have had a lot more blood pressure spikes that what I had!”


“When I had an electrical fire which did massive damage to my house, the first call I made was to AJR. I had known of their services for a while and had always said if I ever had a fire or suffered hurricane damage or some other disaster; they would be the first phone call I made. The fire was a traumatic experience, but AJR made the aftermath the best it could be considering the circumstances. They did a complete inventory of my belongings, including estimates on replacement costs; they did all negotiation with the insurance company and basically handled everything. I also appreciated their sensitivity and compassion in regards to my emotions in dealing with the loss. With a job in which I was under a lot of stress, worked long hours and traveled frequently, I honestly don’t know how I would have handled all this on my own. I also know I would never have come close to getting the settlement I got, without their experience, knowledge and negotiation skills.

I would highly recommend AJR!


“Five weeks after my house was struck by lightning there was an explosion in one of my bathrooms. My insurance company wanted me to make a separate claim because they did not believe the explosion had anything to do with the lightning strike. My house was practically brand new and I was certain the lightning had caused this to happen. A friend recommended I call AJR Insurance to help me deal with the insurance claims adjuster. Bruce Horowitz came out immediately and picked up with all the correspondence to my carrier and gave me the name of a forensic engineer to investigate the explosion. After the investigation there was no doubt that the lightning strike had caused a leak in the gas line and the claims adjuster had no argument with paying the claim. If I ever go through an experience involving an insurance company and their claims adjuster again, the first person I would call is Bruce Horowitz and be assured he would handle everything with no stress on my part.

I highly recommend anyone who has to deal with insurance companies and their claims adjusters, go straight to AJR Insurance Consultants first and save yourself a lot of time and frustration! They are the best!”


“I was at a loss on what to do after my house fire. Fortunately, a friend highly recommended I contact AJR Insurance Consultants. I am so glad I did! AJR looked out for my best interests hands down. I would have never been able to handle the claims on my own, especially while dealing with reconstructing my house and replacing my possessions. AJR handled everything on my behalf, professionally and with great care and diligence. If I ever experience another catastrophe (hopefully not), I would call them right after 911! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for representation when it comes to dealing with insurance companies.

They are the best and the service is exceptional! Well worth every penny!


“As we come toward the end of our joint struggle I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for all your kind attention. To be awakened and step from my bed into 3 inches of water that had accumulated from a busted connection (which brought water from the main supply into my hot water heater) was disconcerting, to be sure. I am grateful that you were recommended to me by a close friend who had my best interest in her mind and heart. Your immediate response and information was reassuring.

Once AJR was on board, I knew that I had an advocate that brought expertise and experience to an overwhelming situation. The difficulties with my insurance company you handled with tenacity, calm and skill. I am grateful for all your kind attention!


“We would like to express our deepest gratitude and how grateful we are for everything you have done for us. We cannot thank AJR Consultants enough. Having you representing us was a success!

Our advice to AJR Consultants is to keep up the good work and job well done. Thank you so much!”